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I'm going to begin blogging again *if my 1 year old allows me to and my 4 year old stops spilling things enough for me to get a paragraph in LOL! I figure, since I already surf the net EVERY day reading & finding amazing things others may not know.. why not share what I find & see how it goes? can't hurt. TO BE CONTINUED...(daily, maybe lol)

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make a scrapbook page under 7 min

I finally had a few minutes.. SEVEN to be exact, to make a scrapbook page for my daughters Pre-K graduation pictures :)
Please view & comment on ways I can make it better.. I'm trying to find a FREE editing website I can use so that I can edit my videos & make it more appealing to my viewers. So if you know what I can use, please let me in on a few advices :)

Happy Crafting :)



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