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I'm going to begin blogging again *if my 1 year old allows me to and my 4 year old stops spilling things enough for me to get a paragraph in LOL! I figure, since I already surf the net EVERY day reading & finding amazing things others may not know.. why not share what I find & see how it goes? can't hurt. TO BE CONTINUED...(daily, maybe lol)

Monday, August 22, 2011


I can't believe my little one will be ONE in a week :) where does the time fly :(
We have (hubby & I) decided to host a small bday party for her, but I want to have a memorable one & so I'm doing all the crafting myself.
Came across a fantastic tutorial from "Penny carnival" and I've decided to do my very own Birthday banner for my Gabriella :)

Here are the instructions..
You will need: fabric, pinking shears, glue (Elmer's is fine), a disappearing-ink pen or chalk, cardstock or an empty cereal box, and either string, twine, bias tape or yarn.

1. Cut out a triangle template from a cereal box or cardstock. Mine is 7 inches across the top and 9 1/2 inches down the sides.

2. Fold a piece of fabric so that it's overlapped by 9 1/2 inches. Place the triangle template's 7-inch side on the fold. Trace around the triangle with the disappearing-ink pen or chalk. Cut along the lines. You should have just cut a diamond shape (once you unfold the fabric).

Pennant a

3. Repeat several times, depending on how long you want the garland to be.

4. Cut your cord (or twine or yarn or bias tape or string) as long as you would like the garland to be.

5. Place the diamonds where you want them along the cord with about two inches between each diamond.

6. Sandwich the cord inside the diamonds, folding the diamonds so that you form a triangle again. The "right sides" of the fabric should face out.
Pennant b
7. Unfold each diamond one at a time and place glue inside, along the three sides of one of the triangles. Press down to seal the triangles shut.
Pennant bb

Pennant c

8. Repeat the steps until all triangles are glued to the cord.

Pennant d
9. Allow to dry, then hang wherever you want to add a bit of festivity.

Pennant e



At August 25, 2011 at 12:53 PM , Blogger Zleroi305 said...

seems simple enough, I'll def try using this tutorial. thanks!


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