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I'm going to begin blogging again *if my 1 year old allows me to and my 4 year old stops spilling things enough for me to get a paragraph in LOL! I figure, since I already surf the net EVERY day reading & finding amazing things others may not know.. why not share what I find & see how it goes? can't hurt. TO BE CONTINUED...(daily, maybe lol)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend = NO CRAFTING :(

Hi guys, hows your labor day weekend coming along? I have to admit, I've been sooo overwhelmed with the multitude of things I have to do that we have not enjoyed this long gorgeous weekend.. well IIIIII haven't.  Bummer!
I told you that I decided to go back to school ~ I think I prev mentioned it.. what day is it again? LOL~ Well I think I took on more than I can chew, between staying up 'till 2AM to then wake up @ 6ish to get my kindergartener up & ready to be dropped off at school, to then come home & care for a very active 1yr old (who by the way just learned to walk, yay) to then do house chores & then try to study prior to picking up my daughter @ school 12:45pm I serioulsy have had little to no time to do the fun stuff.
Am I complaining too much? LOL.. My husband, Zee said to me this weekend "hey hows your blog coming along" "you should voice all this concern on it" I think he was just trying to be nice in saying shut it up.
But either way, I wanted to take a min to say "Hola y como estan" "hello and how are you guys".
I may stay up late to do some crafting tonight, or to load pics up of my daughters 1st bday party, which by the way was a success - I hand made most of the decorations & fiished the banner that says "HAPPY 1ST BDAY" and it came out much better than I thought :)
Well back to studying..


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